Friday, January 3, 2020

Hello 2020!

I'm always looking out for simple graphic shapes, and my son took a photo looking straight up the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge in December. His good eye made for an inspiring image to paint.
Wishing all the best as we embark on a new decade!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Roscoff Trio

In July Paul and I painted with a group of talented artists in the northwest corner of Britanny, France. One morning we sat side by side, which we never do, and painted the same view looking down a narrow street while the sun rose. I focused on the flags that were hung across the rooftops while Paul put his attention towards the vendors setting up their shops for the local shoppers. My painting was about 4 x 6"; his was around 9 x 12". 

This week I had my eye on painting a full-sized painting based on the photos and study I did of the street in Roscoff. This was a larger 14 x 22" watercolor.
I can't recall a time when we both painted the same subject, so this may be a first. It's interesting to see how we attack things so differently and have our own interpretations of the same subject.

We had one thing in common: we both really had a great time painting the view. The availability of fresh-baked croissants around the corner didn't hurt either.