Wednesday, May 6, 2020

"Tim's Table"

I am so fortunate to be represented at Holton Studio Gallery in Berkeley, California, where Tim Holton and his craftsmen create the most beautiful frames. They instantly make our work look better! I confess that my favorite part of visiting isn't seeing the framed pieces, but going behind the scenes to scope out the workshop, where the dust is thick and there are tools strewn everywhere. Here's an image I did of Tim's work area, where he still creates his frames by hand. It's worth visiting his place if you're in the Bay Area.

"Tim's Table"
17 x 17" watercolor

Free Parking

"Free Parking"
9 x 17" watercolor

On a cold winter's day in Detroit, we parked in a covered lot where the sun bolted through the entrance at the end of the afternoon. Never has a garage looked so beautiful.

The COVID Chapter

"Things Are Looking Up"
22 x 17" watercolor

I wanted to create a really strong, graphic painting, and the key to it, for me, was that big blue sky. I often paint the key objects and throw in the background later, but this time I decided to drop that big blue field first. I aspire to paint like Mark Adams did, with his pristine, flat washes of watercolor. 
This was not to be:
I made the error of painting on 140lb watercolor paper, which, though it was well-taped on the edges and the back, completely warped, causing the pigment to pool in vertical rivulets. After putting that failed effort aside I grabbed a sheet of 300lb paper and started again. The sky still isn't nearly as flat as I had hoped it would be, but I am happy with the graphic quality of the image.