Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Week #19

No, I wasn't in Tuscany last week, but I did take a 3 day workshop from Thomas Schaller, a nationally known watercolorist. I learned a ton, and still have a lot to figure out before I get a handle on this medium. I admire his art- it's very loose, very gestural, and forced me to get way out of my comfort zone of control. I did about 8 paintings, this being the last one of the weekend. The time spent drawing took longer than the painting itself. The added bonus of the whole deal was that Thomas was extremely positive and encouraging to everyone, so I think all of us left feeling okay about how we were progressing.


  1. Oh my!!! This is so beautiful!

  2. This is an extremely clever painting; the steps are created in the mind purely by the shadows. Brilliant!