Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Triple Play

This is a 3 part project. Initially I took photos of some cherry tomatoes in a jam jar in anticipation of an upcoming class that I was going to take from Soon Warren, an amazingly, crazily-detailed watercolorist. The class was down in L.A. at the National Watercolor Society and was called "Painting Cut Crystal". Yes: workshops can get that specific.
Here's my practice painting-

Then, this past weekend, I took the class and learned a lot about how much tediocrity (yep, I just made up that one) I can endure, but also how to layer bold, primary colors to gain luminosity in objects. There are a lot of mistakes in this one, but you'll get the idea. This is a big ol' sucker, and there are parts that bug the heck out of me, but I learned a lot.
Despite all the noodly work, Soon also encouraged us to try a second painting and initiate it by pouring watercolors on our paper and sliding them around on the surface. Then she wanted us to free up by using that base as an inspiration for a loose interpretation of our subject. 
There's something to be said for this. It was SO much easier, and so much less tedious, and so much more spontaneous. It took about 20% of the time that the first one did, and it just feels so much fresher to me. It also reminds me that I have heaps more to learn. Onward!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pods in Silver

Last night I went to the monthly meeting of the California Watercolor Association and saw a magical and shocking demo by the internationally known artist, Joseph Zbukvic. I was blown away by his energetic and calligraphic brushstrokes and bold style. Now, when I post these images I feel humbled and almost silly. My paintings are pretty darned controlled. I'm hoping that I can take a little of what I saw last night and fold it into my own approach.
Look up his YouTube demos. They're amazing.