Thursday, March 8, 2018

My Bread and Butter- Before and After

I love painting downshots of teacups. I'm enamored with the beautiful, simple shapes and playing with the cast shadows. They're always a challenge, too- keeping those circular shapes clean and consistent isn't easy. That said, I do paint a lot of these.
Here's my latest effort and it's one of my favorites. Why? I like areas that aren't complete- where your eye has to finish the shape. I tried to pair this down to its most minimal descriptive parts. It went down easily (as opposed to the last post/painting of the roller coaster) and I had a lot of fun bringing this one together.
Here's my "before" painting, called "Clean Cup".
Well, "Clean Cup" no longer exists. I felt like I'm painting safely lately- not pushing myself much. I'm not taking any risks, so after a week of this sitting on my drawing table, I decided to throw some tea water at it. I talked to Paul (very good painter, very supportive husband) about this, and he, too, thought it was healthy to go for it. So I did, and the result was "Dirty Cup":
A lot of times we hear stories of artists taking risks but those stories are told when the risk turns out really well. Guess what? I can't stand this painting now. I think it's silly. I miss the clean, simple lines of the first painting and can't have it back. I may do more to this, just because it's a goner now, and what do I really have to lose at this point? 
My take-home? It's great to take risks, but remember that not all of them are successful. I'm willing to post the "this isn't the success story I thought I'd tell". 
Moving on...